Monday, 20 April 2009

Book Sharing Monday - Celebration Giveaway

O really does have far too many board books ( the above photo is only a small selection ! ) .... so, in celebration of joining Book Sharing Monday, we are going to have a giveaway.

Tell us your Babes favourite book and for the best one we'll send a couple of pre-loved board books your way.


lucy said...

My baby Daisy's favourite book is 'Thats not my Dolly' which she calls 'olly book' :)makes me go awwww every time :)

Lucy xx

Daisie said...

We are all really into the 'Mr Bear' Books at the moment, they seem to work for all the children on some level and make one handed bedtimes much fun!
What a lovely idea of sharing your books, please don't pick me though as we cannot move in our house for printed words!!

Wyld Jane.. said...

Reu loves "Rumble in the jungle "and i put on funny voices for each animal, the lion sounds like phil mitchell and the gazzelle is distinctly feminine, the best bit is watching my eight year old read it to him and try to do the voices it makes me feel all yummy xx

Anonymous said...

We LOVE going on a bear hunt too!! It's such a great book. I love your blog Denise. Can't wait to see you in the Summer.

XX Siobhán.

Hazel said...

Tansy's favourite is Dear Zoo. She can't say 'giraffe', she calls them 'too talls' lol.

Carol ッ said...

Mine are too old for board books, but wonderful idea!

Jacqui said...

That was a very kind offer yesterday Denise - DD1 still has the book at her house.
What a nice idea this is - although I have beena compulsive children's book buyer for 29 years now, when my daughter was born - and I seem to have passed that gene on :)
Love xxxx

The Yarn Owl said...

DS loves so many books, some of his faves are Brown Bear Brown Bear and The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and Goodnight Moon. He seems to be entering a non-fiction phase now as I've just asked him his favourite one at the moment and he says it "Whats under the ground"!