Friday, 19 June 2009

Growing Up

O's new word is "splash" said with much feeling.
Today he was walking around the kitchen saying his favourite new word over and over, then he stopped, stood still for awhile with a deep look of thought, then started round the kitchen saying " splash .... poo, splash !
Another new word ... and yes he had !

L is helping "police" this years Waddington Air Show with his cadet group, he will be teamed up with a "proper bobby". I jokingly asked him if he'd be the "good cop or the bad one" he didn't laugh .. so look out Waddington !


Kelly said...

Hi dear friend. What fine boys - small and big. All this growing up little ones do. Doesn't seem all that long ago your little O was newborn - now talking and 'reading' his books. Have a lovely weekend.

Jacqui said...

Yes - that pause says it all :) He is such a wee cutie. an what an exciting time for L!