Friday, 15 August 2008

Spotty Love

Armed with my wonderful bag from Wodge ( who we bumped into on the way in, Hello Love ) I was out for some bargains at the car boot today.
I was feeling alittle disappointed, as we were heading back to the car and my bag was more or less empty and then, there they were, a pile of children's books with mine, sorry I mean the children's names on !
Just look at this haul, Big Momma makes the World, Where the wild things are and the pictures in Two of everything and William's House are just incredible .... all for just £1.75.

So, I blew £60 on Emma Bridgewater tea-pot and mug !

But, boy those spots make me smile and the tea tastes so much better !


Becks said...

Great day shopping. Don't you just love other peoples unwanted things ;-)
Great books.

Cut&Alter said...

Isn't it funny how certain things are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face? I certainly need a few more of those around here at the moment. Great books - I think we're just going to pop out to another car boot I've just seen advertised ;) x

Julie said...

Some FAB books, what a great find.... and I have to totally agree that tea tastes so much better in a gorgeous cup/mug, lovin the spots!!!! X

Pippa said...

Oh, I love that pattern, always cheers me up! Lovely books too and great to see you again. :0)

I have this weird thing whenever I leave a car boot sale. I can be driving back home and spot someone's pretty tablecloth or something on their line and start wondering how much they want for it. It's a real struggle to keep driving and realise that it's not for sale. Car-boot burn out I guess!

Jem said...

I have a few things with the same spotty design on - its my favourite. I love Emma Bridgewaters designs.